After achieving my degree in computers, I decided to setup my own web design company called

My latest creation

Able Here website is a newly formed socializing website for people with disabilities, friends, parents and carers across UK and worldwide. Able Here is 100% free membership to the users.

One of the website key features is the personal blogs – A blog is basically an online diary or journal with frequent updates to it. The blog can be public or private.

The website also has a penpal section but unlike other websites, you don’t give out your personal details such as email addresses. We have designed it so every penpal message goes through to you without using your personal details. You are safe here.

If you find someone when you are browsing the users and you would like to contact them but you don’t want to give out your personal email address. Just Click on their name or photo, then it will take you to the user profile, click on messages to socialize with them.  Again you have peace of mind that you are safe.

The website has many exciting features such as discussion boards, forums, create your own groups and even chat rooms to save on those expensive phone bills!

The major selling point to the site is that Able Here is 100% free membership to the users.  There won’t be any “top-up” additional fees either. 

Sign up today.  What are you waiting for! Get socializing as it is good to communicate.

Happy Socializing.

Able Here