On the 14 September 2002 I decided to go around town with Chris and Andy. On our pub-crawl we went in to the Venue pub. The access is good in this pub; however, I decided I needed to go to the toilet. We entered the massive disabled toilet. We thought wow this is good, before we discovered the toilet was blocked. There wasn’t a knob on the tap so no water. And finally the dryer didn’t work. We came out of the toilet. I told Chris I wanted to see the manager. He went to the bar to ask for him, they replied the manager is too busy. Chris explained more to them. Finally someone came to me, we started telling him what the problems were in the toilet but he basically wasn’t listening to us. So I said, “lets go and show him” So I marched him to the disabled toilet and showed him the problems. Lets just say he was a bit surprised. A few minutes later he came back to us in the pub and he apologized and we got free drinks. Lets hope the toilet is sorted out before I return again. (I will be back!)

We decided to go to LA’s Nightclub, on the way we went down a short cut, I said, “my god I need a pee.” Chris said, “can you see any toilets around here, you fool? And then we saw this amazing disabled toilet. I have lived in Hull all my life and I hadn’t seen it before. The toilet even had a bed, I said, “I know where to come now if my mum throws me out. Hehe”

Anyway I will stop talking about toilets now in this story as you may think I have an obsession with toilets. In the nightclub we met up with some more friends. By this time we were a bit inebriated, we decided to go on the dance floor. I was dancing in my wheelchair and then Wendy decided to take me out of my chair and let me dance on my knees. All my mates were around me dancing and I was in the middle of the circle with this woman who was on her knees too. Maybe we were starting a new trend of dancing? Copyright © Karl Dean – knees dancing. All Rights Reserved.

We were dancing for about 30mins before we had a little problem with a man. I didn’t notice this man as I was too busy dancing with a woman.(ohh baby) Apparently he thought my mates was taking the P**** out of me. (Probably they were, in a joking way) He was becoming a bit aggressive, so Wendy told the bouncers about the man. Suddenly we had loads of bouncers around us. I thought what’s going on? I even had a flash back about circus circus pub. They sorted the man out and told me to get back in my chair for unknown reasons. But we didn’t argue with the big bouncers. At least I didn’t get kicked out unlike circus circus pub.

On the way home to Chris’s house, we had a little too much to drink. (That is an understatement) We were walking along on Spring Bank road, suddenly we hit a bump in the footpath. My chair was on top of me and Andy was laid on the floor laughing. Chris was kneeling on the floor talking to me. Imagine the picture there was 3 men laid on the floor with an upside down wheelchair. At this moment, an ambulance was driving passed us. That’s was good timing eh? They stopped and helped us. I cut my head a bit, as you can see from the photo. Andy cut his hand and Chris twisted his ankle. When we got sorted out we went for a pizza and then we went to Chris’s house to eat them. However we fell asleep halfway through eating them. The next morning there was pizza all over his carpet. It was a scene from Men behaving badly TV show. We were playing pranks on each other when we woke up. Andy was trying to shave my head but I was too quick for him. We also had a pizza fight. I think we were still drunk! Tut tut. When we stopped playing these stupid pranks we tidied up and I changed into my clean clothes as my Mum was coming to pick me up in 30mins. Suddenly Andy picked up the shaver and told Chris to hold me down and he shaved a bit of my hair. Chris thought he would pretend to do it, but no he really did. (Don’t worry I always get my sweet revenge.) I thought oh no!I can’t go out like this with a bald patch. So we decided to shave my head on a number 1 grade. I usually get number 2 grades anyway. So we quickly shaved my head before my mum came to pick me up. She didn’t notice my new hair cut so I haven’t told her yet.

Over all we had a great night!

*********************** updated 07/10/2002**************

A few weeks later, we went back to the Venue pub to see if the disabled toilet was repaired. To ours astonishment the toilet was 100% repaired. I wanted to thank the manager but he was too busy to come and see me.

Thanks Venue for repairing the toilet!

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