My first school was Frederick Holmes from 1978 to 1989, I came away without any qualifications, but I had some good times at the school.

My best moments at Frederick Holmes School were when I would dive off the hoist-chair in the swimming pool -- sometimes nearly drowning in the process. And going to see Mrs. Reid, as she was a good teacher and also a good laugh. I also enjoyed showing the teachers how to operate the computers. If I was starting school today, I would be attending a mainstream school.

After being in a special school for 11 years I decided to go in to mainstream 6th form college. Well, I haven't seen so many women, I thought I was in heaven. My dinner for the first week was going every where but my mouth! To many attractions, if you know what I mean, I am human after all. I was pretty excited about going into a new environment, even though it was jam packed with students, hundreds of them, everywhere seemed to be heaving. Quite a difference to the small sheltered school I had gone to, with about 100 pupils all in all. You could roam quite freely round there, but here at the college the words roaming and freely didn’t enter into it. It was like a constant traffic jam that first day, and many more after that. People didn’t know where they were going, they were nervous, and that was just the teachers.

In my next statement I don’t want to offend anyone who was connected with the choice of the CPVE course, now Foundation.but, I did find it boring, and not challenging enough, however I do know why I was asked to do this. You see I had never undertaken any exams and so therefore I had to show what I was capable of (I would have said what I was made of but it may seem rude and this is not a pornographic page) I think that a lot of people were under the impression that I was not going to be capable of much. They probably thought that I would sit in a corner. It wasn’t going to be easy but I WAS going to prove them wrong. I was there to learn and I was there to make friends. Academically I would like to feel that I have surpassed expectations originally unexpected of me. When I enrolled at Sixth Form College they did not expect me to be able to accomplish a single GCSE. Five years later I left with not only 5 GCSE’s but also 2 A -level passes as well. And then I went to Humberside University! Now I have setup my own company called Technowebs.

Here is my qualifications:


Schools/College/Higher Education Subject Level Grade

University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. 1994 - 2000

BSc (Hons) In Computing 2:2

Computing in Higher National Diploma

Wilberforce Sixth Form College. 1989 - 1994

Computing A LEVEL

Communication Studies. A LEVEL

English GCSE C

Media Studies GCSE C

Business/I.T. GCSE C

Business Stds. GCSE C

Maths GCSE C