I went round town for my birthday in my powered chair, I met my mates at my local pub (Crown). We had a few beers in Crown before jumping into a taxi. Taxis nowadays are so accessible, no need to arrange for a special taxi because nearly all the black cabs and mini buses have ramps. And also no more relying on Dial a ride patronizing “disabled” service.

Our first pub was Yates, it was packed but we didn’t have any problem getting in the pub. The pub has a disabled toilet and also the ordinary toilets are accessible as well. Pretty good eh! I think there is still a need for a disabled toilet, if the ordinary toilets are accessible because supposing I went out with a sexy woman. She won’t be able to come in the men’s and I’m not going in the women’s (well? Maybe he!he!) So there is a reason for a disabled toilet……

Anyway after Yates we went in to Maces pub – access going in the pub was fine, only a small step to climb up. A friendly bouncer helped me up it. The next thing I needed a bloody pee again. Guess what? Yeah! no disabled toilet and the ordinary toilets are upstairs! So the friendly bouncer said I could go in the back yard, so he opened the gates. After doing the business my mate (Neil) emptied my pee bottle in to the mob bucket for cleaning the floors. (tut tut) We were thinking about putting it in this motorbike tank. (but we didn’t)

The final pub was flares, the bouncer basically said in a rude manner, “you cannot come in because I was in a wheelchair as it is too packed.” Then he tried dragging me out of the doorway. So by now I was really mad. He thought he was big enough (well, he was 6ft) and he could drag me outside. Wrong! I put on my wheelchair turbo boost and dragged the 6ft bouncer into middle of the pub. I was on two wheels at one point. Then I stopped in the middle of the pub, he was still trying to drag me out but he couldn’t move me. Then this unknown woman started on the bouncer saying what’s the problem etc. and then my mates started on him saying what about equal rights. After a while of arguing the bouncer said to my mates it your fault if he runs anyone over. I think it is ok going into packed places in a wheelchair if you have someone in front of you clearing the gangway. For example on the way out of flares I didn’t run over anyone feets due to my mates clearing everyone out of way. Do the bouncers say no to fat people?

Few weeks later, I went round town and clubbing, we decided to go into flares, we didn’t had any problems getting in this time, the bouncer said go into this corner near the DJ so we did. I saw the bouncer who tried dragging me out a few weeks ago, I told my mate to give him my story about my birthday. The bouncer just thrown it on to the floor. (Can he read?) So the Dj Picked it up and few minutes later stopped the music and started to read it out but twisted the story around, to made me look like the bad guy. Basically he was saying awful things about me and he even called crown a dump! By now I was really furious. Everyone was going mad at him, my mates had to push me outside. There were loads of people walking out. Even the cops came to see what is going on. The manager came and sacked the DJ. Then the Dj came outside and said to me, YOU GOT ME SACKED!!! I said good!

After this we went to Cheeky Monkeys, without any probs getting in. Nice people in Cheeky monkeys. And then to LA’s, On the way to LA’s I got stopped by a cop (ohh no! Im in cells hehe) to see if we were ok, and to find out what happened for his report.

The next day we had a meeting with the manager, she said we are very sorry for last night. We have sacked the DJ. And you are welcome anytime.

Few days later, a policeman called to tell me, he went to see them, they said the Dj got sacked. The policeman said is this good enough or do I want to put charges on the Dj. I said sacking the DJ is good enough for me.

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